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Meet Jody

Born in 1962, I was raised in a metaphysic, paranormal household. My father was a metaphysician and mom was a skilled intuitive and medium. Her gift was something that, per family records, is generational. Mom was the one who shared with us her lifetime experiences of seeing and hearing spirits. I am fortunate to share, among others, the ancestral gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience.

These gifts and the desire to always learn more have been part of my life from earliest memory. My faith is a continuation of that introduced and lived by my parents and ancestors. In fact it was my parent’s shared interest in and practice of metaphysics, theology and philosophy that started them talking back in the 1950’s and kept their marriage strong until their deaths more than 50 years later.

The mixture of metaphysical schooling, paranormal practices and multicultural philosophies upon which my sister and I were raised developed organically into my religion, my faith, the basis upon which I live my everyday life.

Just as we practiced with multiple techniques for developing our metaphysic strengths, we also practiced with various tools to enhance our mediumship and divination skills. By the age of fourteen I had confirmed an affinity with Tarot and have now been a reader for over 45 years. My technique is best described as “intuitive” because I bring out the story within the layout, allowing any messages meant for you, the individual, to come through.

Paranormal investigation is something I feel passionate about, although applying such a word to what many view as a hobby may seem odd. However, I have communed with spirits my entire life regardless if I am out shopping, driving down the street or on a scheduled investigation. The lines of communication between myself and Spirit are open 24/7. The book-learned are typically taken aback by this, quoting rhetoric about leaving myself open to attack by evil spirits. My parent’s teaching included, of course, both shielding and auric cleansing practices which I follow to this day. In my nearly 60 years of life and 50 years of active paranormal investigation I have not had any entities attach themselves to me or cause me harm, even when they present themselves as negative manifestations.

It runs in the family

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